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Best Places To Live In Bournemouth, South West

Top 1 Areas with Excellent Primary and Secondary Schools in Bournemouth, South West

Area Top Resident Type UK Crime Score For District UK Crime Score For Sector House Prices (min-max) UK House Price Score For Sector Average Salary (10 mile radius) UK Job Score For Sector
Strouden, Malmesbury Park, Bournemouth, South Westlearn more Urbanites/Ageing urban living/Delayed retirementlearn more 30 / 100 28 / 100 £70,000 to £795,000 latest sold prices in Strouden 64 / 100 £27,707 44 / 100 view more nice areas near Strouden, Malmesbury Park, Bournemouth, South West

Above are the best places to live in Bournemouth, South West based on the most recent statistics. Use a combination of filters to find the best place for you to live by using our Find Nice Areas tool. You can seach for all areas within a provided distances or travel time from a location filtered for your preferences for crime, house prices, schools and much more.

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