Let's give an area more than just a name.

Browsing a map does little more than just show the particular areas and locations alongside establishments and services. NiceAreas.co.uk aims to give each area more than just a name but a description with real detailed statistics.

Shortlisting areas when relocating can be difficult considering the many factors that go into making the decision. NiceAreas.co.uk was initially created as a personal project to allow multiple factors to be simultaneously considered in a single location search - but is now available online and in app form for everyone!

We use multiple data sources and combine/aggregate figures ourselves to create, in some cases, scoring, to be able to quickly filter through over 10,000 postcode sectors.

Data sources cover aspects from house prices, crime stats (and specific crimes), advertised jobs, motorway junctions, train stations, primary to college education establishments. We also mix in data from the last census.

This application is in constant development and new features will be added to provide more functionality and data as time goes on!

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