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See the sold house prices from January 1995 to December 2023. Updated monthly you can search by area, district, sector, postcode, property type, tenure and date.

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We have taken up to sold house prices data from the Land Registry and can allow you to search for any type of property, any tenure, between any date period since 1995.

For each of the sold property prices we find other sale dates and price information and group it to show you a sold price history to show house price trends for that particular property.

Start your house price search by entering any location using either a full postcode to see house prices by postcode, or just the area code or just district or sector. We can group all property sales by area code, district code, sector code or full postcode. As an example, you could search for the sold prices for all freehold detached houses sold between 1995 and 2023 in the 'B' area code.

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