Recent Crimes In Your Area By Category

Choose from our list of 65 towns/cities to view maps of recent crime incidents recorded for each major category of crime. You can then filter further or choose to only see those crimes have been resolved.

We have produced detailed crime maps where you can conduct a crime check for anywhere in the UK. As a shortcut to specific sections of the map you can jump directly to see a local crime map to check your area for crime - either all types or specific types - by selecting a city and then a type of crime from the crimes list.

The crime map will show local crime for the area you select but you can search for any other area within the map, filter for specific further crime types or opt to only see crimes that have been resolved.

The crime data supplied for the map comes directly from the Police and is updated regularly. We update the map in real-time as you pan around to different parts. You can click specific crime incident markers to see detailed information about the crime, including stages of any investigation that took place and the overall outcome.

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