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Find Postcode Sectors Based On House Price Performance Using Sold Price Data From January 1995 to December 2023. Updated monthly you can search based on a time range, performance percentile, the average value used (median or mean) and filter for growth or decline.

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We have created a dataset of how postcode sectors compare to each other when considering sold house prices since 1995. You can now search this data to find sectors matching your criteria and may possibly be able to find the cheapest property in the UK.

You cannot search the entire UK in one search but can search over 10,000 postcode sectors. Search for postcode sectors within a particular area code or narrow down to a particular postcode district.

For example, you can search for postcode districts that have shown relatively high sold price falls over the previous 3 years compared to other postcode sectors.

Property price trends for a provided area code will show how the postcode sectors within that particular area code are performing relatively compared to each other. In plain English this means you can find out which parts of an area have high house price growth, or which areas have low house price growth as well as anything in between.

An example could be the Birmingham area. By typing the 'B' area code, selecting decline as the search type and high as the level of decline then setting your preferred metric and time period, you can see areas in Birmingham where the house prices are falling or slowing down the most.

The information on house price trends is beneficial for people looking to move to an area, investors looking to expand property portfolios and possible commerical scenarios too.

In particular, people taking out a mortgage in these areas under shared ownership or other Government assisted schemes such as 'Help To Buy' may find researching the property price trends beneficial as the value of the property is a major factor in the future financial planning for these types of scheme.

You future plans may include purchasing back the share of assistance given and that is normally based upon the value of the property so knowing where the values are headed can help forecast what you would need to pay in order to 'staircase' or purchase a share back of your property in the future.

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