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Use our house price tracker to see how house prices have changed for any UK postcode between any date from January 1995 to December 2023. Updated monthly you can refine your search further by property type and type of tenure.

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Track house prices for any UK area using official Land Registry sold price data. We hold over 20 million records for property sales since 1995 and you can now track the changes to house prices for a particular postcode between any two dates you provide. In addition you can refine your search further by the type of property and the tenure.

Our estimates are based upon the average house prices within the postcode sector of the postcode provided for the types of property. Whilst the data cannot be refined to individual property characteristics such as number of bedrooms and the size of the dwelling, we can give a general overview of the direction of prices and percentage differences for any date period provided.

You will see the average prices as well as the median prices for all property sales matching your area and property type for the selected date periods selected. We will show you the differences and also use our inflation adjustment tables to show RPI and CPI growth in real terms between the time periods.

Additionally, we have data on mortgage lending rates and can show you what the typical repayment mortgages (using median property price data) would be for both time periods. We then inflation adjsut these figures to give a cost of living comparison.

For example, tracking a terraced freehold property in Brent, North London shows a near tenfold increase in prices between 1995 and 2017. In 1995 the median price was around £80,000 but the median price in 2017 is around £800,000. Adjusting for inflation, in 2017 £150,000 would be worth the same as £80,000 in 1995.

Another interesting tidbit from the same North London comparison: In 1995 an 8% interest rate meant a monthly mortgage repayment of £495. That is £936 in 2017 money. But, in 2017 the mortgage repayment at 2% percent is £281 (or £149 in 1995 money!).

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