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Whilst our other tools provide aggregated crime statistics for over 10,000 postcode sectors of the UK you may be thinking - I wonder how crime in my area ranks against another area.

The reason to do this may be to evaluate what is a safe neighbourhood or to find bad areas to live and compare them to so-called good places to live.

Crime data cannot be given for up to the minute current crime but is updated on a monthly basis and crime statistics displayed are for the most recent twelve month period.

You can enter up to two locations from which we deduce the postcode area, district and sector. We take these details and do a crime check for all criminal activities aggregated by the area, district and sector. You can choose which level of comparison you wish to undertake.

For example, you may be looking for crime statistics by city level - i.e. I want to check my area for crime - so we would recommend using the area level comparison level. Crime in your area is then compared against the other location's area.

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