Free Parks, Public Green Areas and Activity Spots in the UK

Search the UK for parks and public open green areas - just enter your location and set a radius and we'll show you parks and green areas nearby - or alternatively, click here and you can search for any park by name.

Use our open green areas tool to quickly find free to use public areas located near your location. Using data provided by the Ordnance Survey we have compiled and scored the best places in the UK to enjoy outdoor activities. Areas displayed are classified as follows:

  • Public Parks and Gardens
  • Playing Fields
  • Play Spaces
  • Other Sports Facilities
  • Tennis Court
  • Golf Courses
  • Allotments/Growing Spaces
  • Bowling Greens
  • Religious Grounds
  • Cemeteries

Just enter your location and provide a radius you are prepared to travel - whether in distance or actual travel time, whether by car, bike or public transport.

We will display a list of the locations found, and show each on the map.

You can then see information about the quality of the location, as well as use mapping tools to create routes around the areas for running, cycling or walking.

You can draw a route on the map and using our map distance calculator see the distance, area covered and the amount of time taken to complete the route based upon walking, running, cycling and driving!

Outdoor exercise activity can be be categorised into cardiovascular or stength building. This tool can aid both types by helping you find routes for long-distance walks, runs and cycling as well as find parks where most have areas where bodyweight training can be conducted via erected bars in play areas.

Once you have located an area by searching either directly for a known park name or by searching for parks within radius of an area by distance or travel time you can then start to map your workout.

You may have a special route you already undertake and want to calculate the distance and keep a log of it - this is possible by saving your route once you have drawn it. The route could be through a park, within a parks boundaries or a complete road route spanning multiple roads.

Checking distance is easy as you scroll/pan around the map and add points of your route. You can undo a point if you make a mistake. As you add points the calculator will add up your distance covered and also update the time estimates for different modes of travel from walking, running, cycling and even driving for comparison. You can adjust the speeds to alter the estimated times.

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