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How to use the Crime Map

Search for the latest updated crime incidents as reported via the UK Police Crime Statistics Data API.

You can drag the crime map and police incidents in your area will show on the map in real-time. Zoom into the map to see individual spots of activity.

You can filter to only show specific crimes and to only show crime committed in a specific time period. Crimes are colour-coded and the currently displayed crimes are indicated by a key at the bottom of the map.

You can use our crime map to find crime in your neighbourhood, just enter a location - or maybe if you're thinking I want to see crime reports near me - just click the autolocate button.

A couple of points to remember though. Data for Scotland is only provided by the British Transport Police there so crimes are naturally going to be lower in number than elsewhere in the UK. Secondly, the locations plotted for crime on the map are anonymised therefore approximate for privacy purposes. We provide full crime statistics for current crime and historic crime in one of the many links below.

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