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Use this tool to find areas that are 'most likely' to have a type of crime committed based on crime statistics released for the previous twelve months.

The tool uses crime rate data to find areas within your chosen distance radius of a location you provide that have have scored highest for the type of crime you select.

We check the number of crimes committed as a proportion of all crimes and also the number as compared to the averages for other similar locations. These bits of data are used to create a relative crime score for the selected crime type. We then find all areas within the radius and display in order of highest scoring for a particular crime to lowest scoring for the same crime.

Essentially, the crime predictor can tell you where within your defined location areas are known for a particular type of crime.

As an example, if you were thinking I wonder where there is cheap home insurance near me? then you would enter your postcode, set your radius and select 'Burglary' as the crime type. The tool would then display the worst burglary areas near to your location and you can click show more to keep adding areas as the list shows from high to low crime.

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