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Finding a place to live is a complicated process when there are multiple factors to consider. The first step most people take when looking for the best place to relocate to or places to move to are house prices or rental prices.

The cheap house to rent or cheap houses for sale may not be in safe neighbourhoods and local crime may be through the roof! The specific types of crimes committed based on police incidents in an area may have an effect on aspects such as insurance - for example burglaries in my area or an increase in recent burglaries in my area would increase home or home and contents insurance, another example is vehicle crime. People looking to move may not be happy once in their new home and the renewal quote for car insurance comes in much higher than before. Cheap car insurance is based on individual factors such as driving record and conviction history but also on where the vehicle is kept overnight.

For families with children up to the age of 18 or adults looking for further education courses the best schools and worst schools in an area are a big factor to consider. The government publishes data on the performance of primary, secondary and college level education but this is hard to search when searching for property as normally you just receive a chart of best performance high to low - not locations and whether you would be within catchment.

You can search this website and use the tools to help make the above processes simple - but if you do not want to use the search facility and just browse a known location specifically you can use our browse pages.

For each postcode area, postcode district and postcode sector of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland) we have compiled, grouped, combined statistics covering all of the above factors and more.

You can now see areas where the cheapest property for sale is within an area or district. You can check crime statistics by area, crime rates by city and get a crimes list depending on which area, district or postcode you are looking at - you can even see local crime statistics by postcode.

If you don't know the postcode you can search using the 'magnifying glass' icon in the menu bar and type and location - whether it is a city, town, street or postcode and we will automatically match it to a postcode sector.

We added advertised job data so you can see the score for a particular area when comparing local jobs and the score takes into account the best salary areas.

For each area we have combined CENSUS data to show who lives at each area by concentration so you can see the type of people living in an area by density.

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