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Use this tool to to find the best schools and colleges or worst schools and colleges across England and Wales.

We have used government collated school performance data to score each school or college using metrics as follows:

Primary school scores are based on:

  1. the percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics.
  2. the percentage of pupils achieving a high score in reading and mathematics and working at greater depth in writing.

Secondary school scores are based on:

  1. the percentage of pupils achieving A* to C in both English and Math GCSEs.
  2. the percentage of pupils achieving over 5 A* to C GCSE grades, which include English and Math.
  3. the percentage of pupils achieving any qualifications.
  4. the average number of GCSE and equivalent entries per pupil.

A-Level college scores are based on:

  1. the percentage of A-Level students achieving at least three A-Levels at grades A,A and B or higher. Two of these grades must be in facilitating subjects.
  2. the percentage of students who entered for at least one AS or A-Level qualification.
  3. the average point score per A-Level entry.

Vocation college scores are based on:

  1. the percentage of tech level core aims retained.
  2. the number of tech level aims.
  3. the score for academic value added.

You can segregate your search by location to only compare the schools/colleges within radius of a specified location. This can help answer questions such as: What is the best school in 'city' or what is the worst school in 'city'?

You can conduct a search for particular types of school or college, any religion or a specific religion, gender and the number of pupils.

Limit your search to only relatively low, average or high performing schools/colleges within your radius using the performance option.

You can also just leave the location blank and pit all schools/colleges in England and Wales against each other.

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