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ethnicity central

dense areas like central London - higher ratio of non-white ethnic groups compared to UK averages - higher Black or mixed ethnicity proportions - higher EU-born residents - young adults - higher divorce or separation rates- lower ratio of non-children households - living in flats and renting - less car ownership - use public transport - higher unemployment - working in accodomodation, IT, finance and admin sectors

ethnic family life

compared to parent group: higher proportion of non-white people - lower ratio of old-EU-born, higher ratio of new-EU-born - higher non-native English/Welsh speakers - living in detached, semi-detached, or terraces

young families and students

compared to parent group: higher ratio of Indian or Pakistani - higher new-EU born - more higher level education - more private renting than social renting

TW6 3 - Heathrow Personal Rapid Transport - Hillingdon, Greater London, London (99 percent)

IG1 1 - Read Academy - Ilford, Greater London, London (86 percent)

LU1 1 - Badgerdell Wood - Luton (South), Luton, East of England (79 percent)

TW13 7 - Lindon Bennett School - Hounslow, Greater London, London (70 percent)

TW6 1 - London Heathrow Airport - Hillingdon, Greater London, London (67 percent)

E15 1 - Bobby Moore Academy - Stratford, Greater London, London (66 percent)

E7 9 - Earlham Primary School - Stratford, Greater London, London (63 percent)

KT3 4 - Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Primary School - Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, London (60 percent)

N11 1 - Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Primary School - Enfield, Greater London, London (59 percent)

E12 5 - London Christian Learning Centre - Stratford, Greater London, London (58 percent)

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