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ethnicity central

dense areas like central London - higher ratio of non-white ethnic groups compared to UK averages - higher Black or mixed ethnicity proportions - higher EU-born residents - young adults - higher divorce or separation rates- lower ratio of non-children households - living in flats and renting - less car ownership - use public transport - higher unemployment - working in accodomodation, IT, finance and admin sectors

aspirational techies

compared to parent group: less non-white but higher Indian and mixed ethnic - higher old-EU born - lower non-native English/Welsh speakers - live in semi-detached or terraces - privately renting - employed in IT - use public transport for work

new eu tech workers

SE24 9 - St Martin-in-the-Fields High School - Camberwell, Greater London, London (50 percent)

E5 0 - Baden-Powell School - Hackney, Greater London, London (38 percent)

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