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densely populated urban areas - flats and communal residents - more private renting - high ethnic migrations - high EU immigration - English/Welsh less likely as main language - young adults - single adults - more child-less househoulds - higher ratio of full-time students - work in accommodation, information and communication, and finance sectors - use public transport, walk or cycle to work

aspiring and affluent

compared to parent group: higher ratio of 0 to 14 year olds - higher ratio of married couples - higher ratio of mixed ethnicity - lower ratio of students - higher semi-detached or terraced accomodation - working in IT, finance sectors and using public transport for work

eu white-collar workers

compared to parent group: high ratio of EU-born old-EU-born people - higher ratio of Arab or 'other' ethnicity - living in flats - overcrowded - less 2+ car ownership - less use of private transport for work travel

SW6 6 - St Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Primary School - Hammersmith, Greater London, London (66 percent)

SW4 9 - St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College - Lambeth, Greater London, London (62 percent)

SW15 1 - Gibbet Wood - Wandsworth, Greater London, London (50 percent)

TW10 6 - White Lodge Plantations - Richmond, Greater London, London (43 percent)

TW9 2 - The Deer Park School - Richmond, Greater London, London (43 percent)

SW18 5 - St Cecilia's Church of England School - Wandsworth, Greater London, London (40 percent)

SW14 8 - Mortlake Bus Station - Richmond, Greater London, London (39 percent)

SW18 1 - Swaffield Primary School - Wandsworth, Greater London, London (38 percent)

N6 5 - Highgate - Tottenham, Greater London, London (34 percent)

NW3 2 - Number 1 Pond - Camden Town, Greater London, London (33 percent)

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