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District WC1N covers (in order of area type): King's Mews (Named Road)Harpur Mews (Named Road)Millman Street (Named Road)Kenton Street (Named Road)Bernard Street (Named Road)Orde Hall Street (Named Road)Hunter Street (Named Road)Doughty Street (Named Road)Richbell Place (Named Road)Brunswick Square (Named Road)Mecklenburgh Square (Named Road)Boswell Street (Named Road)Doughty Mews (Named Road)Roger Street (Named Road)Ormond Close (Named Road)John's Mews (Named Road)Old Gloucester Street (Named Road)Queen Square (Named Road)Barbon Close (Named Road)Guilford Street (Named Road)Handel Street (Named Road)Lamb's Conduit Street (Named Road)Great James Street (Named Road)Guilford Place (Named Road)Brownlow Mews (Named Road)Gage Street (Named Road)Emerald Street (Named Road)Mecklenburgh Street (Named Road)Long Yard (Named Road)Northington Street (Named Road)Henrietta Mews (Named Road)Millman Mews (Named Road)John Street (Named Road)Powis Place (Named Road)Herbrand Street (Named Road)Coram Street (Named Road)Great Ormond Street (Named Road)Cosmo Place (Named Road)Dombey Street (Named Road)Grenville Street (Named Road)Colonnade (Named Road)Harpur Street (Named Road)Rugby Street (Named Road)North Mews (Named Road)Marchmont Street (Named Road)Woburn Place (Named Road)New North Street (Named Road)Lansdowne Terrace (Named Road)WC1N 1NX (Postcode)WC1N 1DP (Postcode)WC1N 3EW (Postcode)WC1N 2LW (Postcode)WC1N 1DF (Postcode)WC1N 1DW (Postcode)WC1N 1BG (Postcode)WC1N 1LX (Postcode)WC1N 2PF (Postcode)WC1N 3BP (Postcode)WC1N 2AD (Postcode)WC1N 2BH (Postcode)WC1N 3LJ (Postcode)WC1N 3JH (Postcode)WC1N 2JX (Postcode)WC1N 3JZ (Postcode)WC1N 3EP (Postcode)WC1N 1HB (Postcode)WC1N 2LR (Postcode)WC1N 2WS (Postcode)WC1N 2HY (Postcode)WC1N 2AN (Postcode)WC1N 3LE (Postcode)WC1N 3NF (Postcode)WC1N 2LX (Postcode)WC1N 2NU (Postcode)WC1N 1JH (Postcode)WC1N 2PH (Postcode)WC1N 2BS (Postcode)WC1N 3LP (Postcode)WC1N 1DE (Postcode)WC1N 1AG (Postcode)WC1N 2NB (Postcode)WC1N 3HR (Postcode)WC1N 2JZ (Postcode)WC1N 3AB (Postcode)WC1N 2NR (Postcode)WC1N 3AZ (Postcode)WC1N 2JE (Postcode)WC1N 1QE (Postcode)WC1N 3QU (Postcode)WC1N 1PD (Postcode)WC1N 1DR (Postcode)WC1N 2LE (Postcode)WC1N 3NN (Postcode)WC1N 1JF (Postcode)WC1N 1JX (Postcode)WC1N 3PX (Postcode)WC1N 3EQ (Postcode)WC1N 2LQ (Postcode)WC1N 2LA (Postcode)WC1N 3NB (Postcode)WC1N 3QN (Postcode)WC1N 1HN (Postcode)WC1N 1PJ (Postcode)WC1N 3LU (Postcode)WC1N 3JT (Postcode)WC1N 2BX (Postcode)WC1N 3EF (Postcode)WC1N 1LA (Postcode)WC1N 1NZ (Postcode)WC1N 2PA (Postcode)WC1N 3LR (Postcode)WC1N 1JP (Postcode)WC1N 3DN (Postcode)WC1N 3PG (Postcode)WC1N 3AD (Postcode)WC1N 3NG (Postcode)WC1N 2BL (Postcode)WC1N 3HZ (Postcode)WC1N 3GS (Postcode)WC1N 2NZ (Postcode)WC1N 1LN (Postcode)WC1N 1PA (Postcode)WC1N 2JA (Postcode)WC1N 1BP (Postcode)WC1N 1PG (Postcode)WC1N 2AP (Postcode)WC1N 3DF (Postcode)WC1N 3AY (Postcode)WC1N 3BH (Postcode)WC1N 1AE (Postcode)WC1N 3RX (Postcode)WC1N 1NN (Postcode)WC1N 3AF (Postcode)WC1N 1EP (Postcode)WC1N 3JW (Postcode)WC1N 3AN (Postcode)WC1N 1LT (Postcode)WC1N 2LJ (Postcode)WC1N 1LJ (Postcode)WC1N 1AS (Postcode)WC1N 1DD (Postcode)WC1N 3PB (Postcode)WC1N 1BD (Postcode)WC1N 1JD (Postcode)WC1N 3EY (Postcode)WC1N 2BW (Postcode)WC1N 2AA (Postcode)WC1N 3AA (Postcode)WC1N 2JG (Postcode)WC1N 1BS (Postcode)WC1N 3NH (Postcode)WC1N 1JE (Postcode)WC1N 3QS (Postcode)WC1N 3AE (Postcode)WC1N 3LT (Postcode)WC1N 3LW (Postcode)WC1N 3BB (Postcode)WC1N 2LD (Postcode)WC1N 1PF (Postcode)WC1N 2AB (Postcode)WC1N 1HA (Postcode)WC1N 1BE (Postcode)WC1N 3DH (Postcode)WC1N 3JB (Postcode)WC1N 1AL (Postcode)WC1N 2JQ (Postcode)WC1N 3LB (Postcode)WC1N 3QW (Postcode)WC1N 2DL (Postcode)WC1N 1NJ (Postcode)WC1N 1EH (Postcode)WC1N 2JJ (Postcode)WC1N 3NW (Postcode)WC1N 3JX (Postcode)WC1N 2AF (Postcode)WC1N 3BA (Postcode)WC1N 1JQ (Postcode)WC1N 1ES (Postcode)WC1N 2AT (Postcode)WC1N 3EE (Postcode)WC1N 2AY (Postcode)WC1N 3RB (Postcode)WC1N 3LQ (Postcode)WC1N 3QA (Postcode)WC1N 1EA (Postcode)WC1N 1DJ (Postcode)WC1N 3JP (Postcode)WC1N 3BJ (Postcode)WC1N 1JA (Postcode)WC1N 1DH (Postcode)WC1N 3BW (Postcode)WC1N 2EB (Postcode)WC1N 3DP (Postcode)WC1N 3JE (Postcode)WC1N 3PS (Postcode)WC1N 2JB (Postcode)WC1N 2HZ (Postcode)WC1N 2JP (Postcode)WC1N 1PE (Postcode)WC1N 3EB (Postcode)WC1N 3EN (Postcode)WC1N 1AW (Postcode)WC1N 2BG (Postcode)WC1N 3QH (Postcode)WC1N 3LN (Postcode)WC1N 3AP (Postcode)WC1N 1JJ (Postcode)WC1N 3ES (Postcode)WC1N 3HB (Postcode)WC1N 2JY (Postcode)WC1N 3EG (Postcode)WC1N 3PF (Postcode)WC1N 1NL (Postcode)WC1N 3QT (Postcode)WC1N 1QF (Postcode)WC1N 2PL (Postcode)WC1N 1HJ (Postcode)WC1N 1NP (Postcode)WC1N 2NP (Postcode)WC1N 1HP (Postcode)WC1N 2JU (Postcode)WC1N 3DB (Postcode)WC1N 2JF (Postcode)WC1N 1DT (Postcode)WC1N 3PR (Postcode)WC1N 2PB (Postcode)WC1N 1PB (Postcode)WC1N 1JS (Postcode)WC1N 1DZ (Postcode)WC1N 1NY (Postcode)WC1N 2PG (Postcode)WC1N 1RE (Postcode)WC1N 3BG (Postcode)WC1N 3PE (Postcode)WC1N 3DA (Postcode)WC1N 2NY (Postcode)WC1N 2JT (Postcode)WC1N 1JG (Postcode)WC1N 3WA (Postcode)WC1N 1DN (Postcode)WC1N 2DG (Postcode)WC1N 2LF (Postcode)WC1N 2QL (Postcode)WC1N 3AH (Postcode)WC1N 1HT (Postcode)WC1N 1AZ (Postcode)WC1N 1BL (Postcode)WC1N 1DA (Postcode)WC1N 2AH (Postcode)WC1N 1AB (Postcode)WC1N 3PD (Postcode)WC1N 1JN (Postcode)WC1N 1QG (Postcode)WC1N 3EA (Postcode)WC1N 1AX (Postcode)WC1N 2NE (Postcode)WC1N 2ED (Postcode)WC1N 3JL (Postcode)WC1N 1HQ (Postcode)WC1N 1LB (Postcode)WC1N 2JS (Postcode)WC1N 3AS (Postcode)WC1N 1BN (Postcode)WC1N 2BY (Postcode)WC1N 3AR (Postcode)WC1N 1JL (Postcode)WC1N 1PH (Postcode)WC1N 3AQ (Postcode)WC1N 1EX (Postcode)WC1N 2NS (Postcode)WC1N 3AJ (Postcode)WC1N 3XX (Postcode)WC1N 1DB (Postcode)WC1N 3RA (Postcode)WC1N 1LE (Postcode)WC1N 1HE (Postcode)WC1N 3LL (Postcode)WC1N 3LX (Postcode)WC1N 3AX (Postcode)WC1N 1AQ (Postcode)WC1N 2NW (Postcode)WC1N 2ES (Postcode)WC1N 1AP (Postcode)WC1N 3NA (Postcode)WC1N 1AF (Postcode)WC1N 1LZ (Postcode)WC1N 3ER (Postcode)WC1N 3LZ (Postcode)WC1N 2JN (Postcode)WC1N 1DG (Postcode)WC1N 3NL (Postcode)WC1N 2LS (Postcode)WC1N 2BF (Postcode)WC1N 3LD (Postcode)WC1N 3PZ (Postcode)WC1N 1LY (Postcode)WC1N 2LG (Postcode)WC1N 2NA (Postcode)WC1N 2AL (Postcode)WC1N 2LH (Postcode)WC1N 1DX (Postcode)WC1N 3LA (Postcode)WC1N 3LH (Postcode)WC1N 3QL (Postcode)WC1N 1AN (Postcode)WC1N 3QZ (Postcode)WC1N 3NR (Postcode)WC1N 3LS (Postcode)WC1N 3PJ (Postcode)WC1N 1HD (Postcode)WC1N 1BJ (Postcode)WC1N 2WB (Postcode)WC1N 3AT (Postcode)WC1N 3AL (Postcode)WC1N 2PN (Postcode)WC1N 3JQ (Postcode)WC1N 3BT (Postcode)WC1N 3PH (Postcode)WC1N 2DE (Postcode)WC1N 1HX (Postcode)WC1N 3PA (Postcode)WC1N 2AJ (Postcode)WC1N 2NT (Postcode)WC1N 2NX (Postcode)B504 (Numbered Road)

what we know? crime scores, house price scores, job scores and more recent property sold prices top 10 types of resident top 10 recorded crimes top 10 most expensive areas top 10 cheapest areas top 10 safe areas top 10 unsafe areas top schools and colleges explore further

crime score for the WC1N district 51 out of 100 (higher is better)

house price score for the WC1N district 98 out of 100 (higher is more expensive)

jobs within 10 miles score for the WC1N district 97 out of 100 (higher is better)

motorway junctions for the WC1N district 5 located within a 10 mile radius

train stations for the WC1N district 523 located within a 10 mile radius

public green area score for the WC1N district 93 out of 100 (higher is better - areas within three miles)

primary schools score for the WC1N district 64 out of 100 (higher is better - schools within one mile)

secondary schools score for the WC1N district 45 out of 100 (higher is better - schools within one mile)

college a-level score for the WC1N district 89 out of 100 (higher is better - colleges within one mile)

vocational college score for the WC1N district 93 out of 100 (higher is better - colleges within one mile)

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Top 10 Recorded Crime Types

  1. Anti-social behaviour (324 recorded, uk average is 775)18.78%
  2. Theft from the person (305 recorded, uk average is 45)17.68%
  3. Other theft (276 recorded, uk average is 230)16%
  4. Violence and sexual offences (213 recorded, uk average is 622)12.35%
  5. Vehicle crime (96 recorded, uk average is 199)5.57%
  6. Burglary (87 recorded, uk average is 192)5.04%
  7. Shoplifting (84 recorded, uk average is 174)4.87%
  8. Criminal damage and arson (79 recorded, uk average is 264)4.58%
  9. Bicycle theft (78 recorded, uk average is 46)4.52%
  10. Public order (68 recorded, uk average is 149)3.94%

Lowest Schools/Colleges By UK Performance Score

Primary Schools
  1. St George the Martyr Church of England Primary SchoolJohn's Mews, London, WC1N 2NX75 out of 100

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