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District M4 covers (in order of area type): Pattishall Close (Named Road)Lockyard Lane (Named Road)Pollard Street (Named Road)Simpson Street (Named Road)Shilford Drive (Named Road)Gurney Street (Named Road)Oswald Street (Named Road)Tutbury Street (Named Road)Malta Street (Named Road)Beswick Row (Named Road)Mason Street (Named Road)Dyche Street (Named Road)Carpenters Lane (Named Road)New George Street (Named Road)Munster Street (Named Road)Back Thomas Street (Named Road)Bridgewater Place (Named Road)High Street (Named Road)Radium Street (Named Road)Peary Street (Named Road)Spectator Street (Named Road)Federation Street (Named Road)Coppersmith Road (Named Road)Church Street (Named Road)Blossom Street (Named Road)Edge Street (Named Road)Williamson Street (Named Road)Dulwich Street (Named Road)Long Millgate (Named Road)Colenso Way (Named Road)Cassidy Close (Named Road)Cowburn Street (Named Road)Vesta Street (Named Road)Turner Street (Named Road)Oldham Street (Named Road)Livesey Street (Named Road)Skip Place (Named Road)Durant Street (Named Road)Chadderton Street (Named Road)Back Elsworth Street (Named Road)Dorsey Street (Named Road)Joiner Street (Named Road)Gun Street (Named Road)Beswick Street (Named Road)Adstone Close (Named Road)Fernie Street (Named Road)Back St George's Road (Named Road)Sudell Street (Named Road)Badby Close (Named Road)Cinder Street (Named Road)Crossley Court (Named Road)Isaac Way (Named Road)Munday Street (Named Road)Redhill Street (Named Road)John Street (Named Road)Catlow Lane (Named Road)Saltford Avenue (Named Road)Cipher Street (Named Road)Hatter Street (Named Road)Thorniley Brow (Named Road)Brickley Street (Named Road)Thompson Street (Named Road)Stephen Hunt Street (Named Road)Binns Place (Named Road)Cornell Street (Named Road)Crabbe Street (Named Road)Clive Street (Named Road)Ludgate Hill (Named Road)Great Ancoats Street (Named Road)New Mount Street (Named Road)Roman Street (Named Road)Tame Street (Named Road)Wadeford Close (Named Road)Baptist Street (Named Road)Naples Street (Named Road)Newbeck Street (Named Road)Chippenham Road (Named Road)Todd Street (Named Road)Bromley Street (Named Road)Woodward Place (Named Road)Chesshyre Avenue (Named Road)Thomas Street (Named Road)Ashley Street (Named Road)Kingham Drive (Named Road)Hackleton Close (Named Road)Firbeck Drive (Named Road)Addington Street (Named Road)Cotton Street (Named Road)Old Mount Street (Named Road)Linton Close (Named Road)Garden Street (Named Road)New Union Street (Named Road)Birchin Lane (Named Road)Bengal Street (Named Road)Rodney Street (Named Road)Old Mill Street (Named Road)Coop Street (Named Road)Ripley Close (Named Road)Ludgate Street (Named Road)Swan Street (Named Road)Henry Street (Named Road)Sherratt Street (Named Road)Eagle Street (Named Road)Kelvin Street (Named Road)Tidworth Avenue (Named Road)Gibson Place (Named Road)Silk Street (Named Road)Withy Grove (Named Road)Troutbeck Avenue (Named Road)Harding Street (Named Road)Oswald Street (Named Road)Navigation Street (Named Road)Maidford Close (Named Road)Clarion Street (Named Road)Loom Street (Named Road)Whittle Street (Named Road)Butler Street (Named Road)Millow Street (Named Road)Marshall Street (Named Road)Harriett Street (Named Road)Caterham Street (Named Road)Mayes Street (Named Road)Fulmer Drive (Named Road)Fennel Street (Named Road)New Islington (Named Road)Style Street (Named Road)Winder Drive (Named Road)Back Red Bank (Named Road)Cable Street (Named Road)Providence Street (Named Road)Well Street (Named Road)Park Place (Named Road)Soap Street (Named Road)Tavery Close (Named Road)Piercy Street (Named Road)Advent Way (Named Road)Chase Street (Named Road)Luna Street (Named Road)Murray Street (Named Road)Back Turner Street (Named Road)School Street (Named Road)Bendix Street (Named Road)Lockgate Mews (Named Road)Blisworth Close (Named Road)Poland Street (Named Road)Ancoats Grove (Named Road)School Court (Named Road)Jersey Street (Named Road)St Vincent Street (Named Road)Hargreave's Street (Named Road)Union Street (Named Road)Dantzic Street (Named Road)Simeon Street (Named Road)Shudehill (Named Road)Hare Street (Named Road)Irk Street (Named Road)Red Bank (Named Road)Moorhead Street (Named Road)Foundry Lane (Named Road)Roger Street (Named Road)Upper Kirby Street (Named Road)Goadsby Street (Named Road)Boond Street (Named Road)Little Nelson Street (Named Road)Copperas Street (Named Road)Little Holme Street (Named Road)Towcester Close (Named Road)Tebbutt Street (Named Road)Gould Street (Named Road)Downley Drive (Named Road)George Leigh Street (Named Road)Sharp Street (Named Road)Snell Street (Named Road)Pickford Street (Named Road)Harrison Street (Named Road)Portugal Street (Named Road)Palmerston Street (Named Road)Aspin Lane (Named Road)Teer Street (Named Road)Bilbrook Street (Named Road)Oak Street (Named Road)Glasshouse Street (Named Road)Warford Street (Named Road)Brick Street (Named Road)Market Street (Named Road)Augustus Street (Named Road)Riga Street (Named Road)Cross Keys Street (Named Road)Weybridge Road (Named Road)Woodward Street (Named Road)Nicholas Croft (Named Road)New Century Park (Named Road)Hornbeam Way (Named Road)Angel Street (Named Road)Taunton Street (Named Road)Higher Oswald Street (Named Road)Burstock Street (Named Road)Red Lion Street (Named Road)Tib Street (Named Road)Every Street (Named Road)Mozart Close (Named Road)Goulden Street (Named Road)Hood Street (Named Road)Carruthers Street (Named Road)Crown Lane (Named Road)Primrose Street (Named Road)Holkham Close (Named Road)Walker's Croft (Named Road)Hinton Street (Named Road)Edgehill Street (Named Road)Merrill Street (Named Road)Salmon Street (Named Road)Brighton Street (Named Road)Faber Street (Named Road)Naval Street (Named Road)M4 4BL (Postcode)M4 4AX (Postcode)M4 7DN (Postcode)M4 7BN (Postcode)M4 6AZ (Postcode)M4 4BU (Postcode)M4 3AT (Postcode)M4 6LN (Postcode)M4 6DN (Postcode)M4 7BG (Postcode)M4 5FU (Postcode)M4 7EZ (Postcode)M4 1LY (Postcode)M4 5DU (Postcode)M4 6EJ (Postcode)M4 6EH (Postcode)M4 4DU (Postcode)M4 3AB (Postcode)M4 6LW (Postcode)M4 1SH (Postcode)M4 1LX (Postcode)M4 7DB (Postcode)M4 6BE (Postcode)M4 2AE (Postcode)M4 5EQ (Postcode)M4 3AG (Postcode)M4 5DH (Postcode)M4 1LG (Postcode)M4 5FR (Postcode)M4 4FA (Postcode)M4 1DY (Postcode)M4 6LQ (Postcode)M4 7JB (Postcode)M4 6BG (Postcode)M4 1ER (Postcode)M4 1PH (Postcode)M4 6EE (Postcode)M4 1PB (Postcode)M4 1EQ (Postcode)M4 5AA (Postcode)M4 3AJ (Postcode)M4 7EP (Postcode)M4 6AT (Postcode)M4 1PN (Postcode)M4 4DD (Postcode)M4 5DD (Postcode)M4 4JS (Postcode)M4 1ET (Postcode)M4 4DE (Postcode)M4 1DN (Postcode)M4 5DF (Postcode)M4 7FE (Postcode)M4 1LJ (Postcode)M4 4AN (Postcode)M4 6BQ (Postcode)M4 4FB (Postcode)M4 5BA (Postcode)M4 5EH (Postcode)M4 1AZ (Postcode)M4 6LU (Postcode)M4 6FN (Postcode)M4 7JR (Postcode)M4 4BE (Postcode)M4 4EZ (Postcode)M4 6FR (Postcode)M4 5AL (Postcode)M4 4BN (Postcode)M4 4DH (Postcode)M4 5AZ (Postcode)M4 4NL (Postcode)M4 1LT (Postcode)M4 6BD (Postcode)M4 3TR (Postcode)M4 6JX (Postcode)M4 4EJ (Postcode)M4 4TG (Postcode)M4 6EG (Postcode)M4 1PE (Postcode)M4 7JE (Postcode)M4 7JT (Postcode)M4 1EB (Postcode)M4 6EZ (Postcode)M4 1PQ (Postcode)M4 5BS (Postcode)M4 4EX (Postcode)M4 4EW (Postcode)M4 4JF (Postcode)M4 5JJ (Postcode)M4 5EE (Postcode)M4 1EZ (Postcode)M4 6BW (Postcode)M4 6AN (Postcode)M4 7ED (Postcode)M4 7LH (Postcode)M4 4DS (Postcode)M4 7EU (Postcode)M4 1FS (Postcode)M4 6BF (Postcode)M4 1AD (Postcode)M4 4EE (Postcode)M4 5AE (Postcode)M4 6JG (Postcode)M4 4DW (Postcode)M4 5EN (Postcode)M4 6BA (Postcode)M4 7AU (Postcode)M4 7AT (Postcode)M4 4AL (Postcode)M4 7LD (Postcode)M4 7DP (Postcode)M4 1EU (Postcode)M4 5FE (Postcode)M4 6LR (Postcode)M4 6BN (Postcode)M4 5LX (Postcode)M4 7DQ (Postcode)M4 6EN (Postcode)M4 4HG (Postcode)M4 1BJ (Postcode)M4 5AD (Postcode)M4 4BT (Postcode)M4 5FP (Postcode)M4 1HS (Postcode)M4 7JA (Postcode)M4 4GX (Postcode)M4 6AH (Postcode)M4 4GN (Postcode)M4 6DE (Postcode)M4 4DB (Postcode)M4 1BG (Postcode)M4 6HS (Postcode)M4 4FU (Postcode)M4 4BB (Postcode)M4 6HF (Postcode)M4 6ED (Postcode)M4 5FQ (Postcode)M4 7JU (Postcode)M4 1EY (Postcode)M4 4BW (Postcode)M4 4HU (Postcode)M4 5LA (Postcode)M4 6EY (Postcode)M4 1HP (Postcode)M4 5JZ (Postcode)M4 4FN (Postcode)M4 6FE (Postcode)M4 3BG (Postcode)M4 6LT (Postcode)M4 4DG (Postcode)M4 5FY (Postcode)M4 1PY (Postcode)M4 1LF (Postcode)M4 5BZ (Postcode)M4 2AG (Postcode)M4 6AX (Postcode)M4 1BB (Postcode)M4 7DS (Postcode)M4 5EP (Postcode)M4 4GW (Postcode)M4 5EJ (Postcode)M4 6AJ (Postcode)M4 7DY (Postcode)M4 4ER (Postcode)M4 6DB (Postcode)M4 4AT (Postcode)M4 4JW (Postcode)M4 7EB (Postcode)M4 7DL (Postcode)M4 6DH (Postcode)M4 6FG (Postcode)M4 5EU (Postcode)M4 6ER (Postcode)M4 1DZ (Postcode)M4 6GD (Postcode)M4 6BX (Postcode)M4 1AA (Postcode)M4 6AP (Postcode)M4 4HB (Postcode)M4 1EF (Postcode)M4 1LP (Postcode)M4 5BR (Postcode)M4 6GA (Postcode)M4 4AB (Postcode)M4 4GE (Postcode)M4 7BB (Postcode)M4 5EA (Postcode)M4 1PW (Postcode)M4 7JG (Postcode)M4 5FA (Postcode)M4 5EB (Postcode)M4 4EH (Postcode)M4 7LB (Postcode)M4 6AG (Postcode)M4 5JA (Postcode)M4 7FB (Postcode)M4 5FX (Postcode)M4 1QB (Postcode)M4 6FS (Postcode)M4 5DN (Postcode)M4 5AG (Postcode)M4 6DU (Postcode)M4 4TF (Postcode)M4 4GB (Postcode)M4 1HG (Postcode)M4 5WD (Postcode)M4 6JB (Postcode)M4 6AS (Postcode)M4 4AD (Postcode)M4 6BZ (Postcode)M4 5BT (Postcode)M4 7EG (Postcode)M4 6FD (Postcode)M4 6AD (Postcode)M4 5AP (Postcode)M4 7BF (Postcode)M4 4HD (Postcode)M4 1EX (Postcode)M4 5EZ (Postcode)M4 7JY (Postcode)M4 6WX (Postcode)M4 4AA (Postcode)M4 4DQ (Postcode)M4 1HW (Postcode)M4 5AH (Postcode)M4 7FA (Postcode)M4 1PT (Postcode)M4 7LT (Postcode)M4 4TJ (Postcode)M4 4AJ (Postcode)M4 6EA (Postcode)M4 2HU (Postcode)M4 3AQ (Postcode)M4 6JP (Postcode)M4 4AR (Postcode)M4 6DT (Postcode)M4 4FG (Postcode)M4 4AP (Postcode)M4 5HU (Postcode)M4 4FP (Postcode)M4 7BH (Postcode)M4 3AH (Postcode)M4 7EJ (Postcode)M4 4DY (Postcode)M4 5DB (Postcode)M4 1BA (Postcode)M4 5DL (Postcode)M4 4FE (Postcode)M4 7FN (Postcode)M4 7JH (Postcode)M4 6JS (Postcode)M4 4GH (Postcode)M4 6FL (Postcode)M4 1DW (Postcode)M4 1NA (Postcode)M4 4DP (Postcode)M4 7DZ (Postcode)M4 6FW (Postcode)M4 1LA (Postcode)M4 6GG (Postcode)M4 4AQ (Postcode)M4 7EY (Postcode)M4 5DR (Postcode)M4 5DG (Postcode)M4 4AH (Postcode)M4 6EW (Postcode)M4 6LS (Postcode)M4 6JN (Postcode)M4 4FQ (Postcode)M4 7JF (Postcode)M4 6JJ (Postcode)M4 5JD (Postcode)M4 7AL (Postcode)M4 7EQ (Postcode)M4 6JA (Postcode)M4 4HY (Postcode)M4 5HF (Postcode)M4 7AN (Postcode)M4 4GL (Postcode)M4 4BF (Postcode)M4 7DE (Postcode)M4 4AS (Postcode)M4 2AJ (Postcode)M4 6GF (Postcode)M4 2AF (Postcode)M4 4DR (Postcode)M4 2BS (Postcode)M4 5BG (Postcode)M4 7DR (Postcode)M4 5FZ (Postcode)M4 5JW (Postcode)M4 6FQ (Postcode)M4 4AE (Postcode)M4 7DG (Postcode)M4 7FD (Postcode)M4 1HN (Postcode)M4 1ES (Postcode)M4 7LR (Postcode)M4 5ET (Postcode)M4 2AD (Postcode)M4 6AF (Postcode)M4 4GJ (Postcode)M4 7EL (Postcode)M4 6DZ (Postcode)M4 4JG (Postcode)M4 7HS (Postcode)M4 7AY (Postcode)M4 6AY (Postcode)M4 7AQ (Postcode)M4 7BA (Postcode)M4 7DU (Postcode)M4 5JY (Postcode)M4 4BG (Postcode)M4 4FZ (Postcode)M4 6BY (Postcode)M4 7BD (Postcode)M4 4AF (Postcode)M4 5DX (Postcode)M4 1BD (Postcode)M4 1EH (Postcode)M4 7DA (Postcode)M4 7HR (Postcode)M4 4BQ (Postcode)M4 4HA (Postcode)M4 1BE (Postcode)M4 6EQ (Postcode)M4 1LQ (Postcode)M4 1PP (Postcode)M4 1BH (Postcode)M4 1HT (Postcode)M4 4FY (Postcode)M4 5AN (Postcode)M4 4JT (Postcode)M4 5BX (Postcode)M4 6HB (Postcode)M4 6EP (Postcode)M4 7DD (Postcode)M4 5AX (Postcode)M4 6GE (Postcode)M4 6FJ (Postcode)M4 7AB (Postcode)M4 1AB (Postcode)M4 7EF (Postcode)M4 1LN (Postcode)M4 7HZ (Postcode)M4 1PD (Postcode)M4 1BF (Postcode)M4 1LZ (Postcode)M4 4ES (Postcode)M4 6AQ (Postcode)M4 7LS (Postcode)M4 4EF (Postcode)M4 5JN (Postcode)M4 5FS (Postcode)M4 7AZ (Postcode)M4 1JZ (Postcode)M4 7JQ (Postcode)M4 3AD (Postcode)M4 5JQ (Postcode)M4 4AY (Postcode)M4 6FF (Postcode)M4 7JJ (Postcode)M4 7HY (Postcode)M4 5JU (Postcode)M4 6JD (Postcode)M4 1LD (Postcode)M4 5BD (Postcode)M4 5JE (Postcode)M4 7DT (Postcode)M4 5FG (Postcode)M4 5FT (Postcode)M4 3DU (Postcode)M4 6JW (Postcode)M4 4JD (Postcode)M4 1HQ (Postcode)M4 5HD (Postcode)M4 7JW (Postcode)M4 1LR (Postcode)M4 4FT (Postcode)M4 4BJ (Postcode)M4 7LL (Postcode)M4 1FR (Postcode)M4 4EN (Postcode)M4 4EY (Postcode)M4 7JS (Postcode)M4 7LQ (Postcode)M4 1DG (Postcode)M4 6EL (Postcode)M4 7EE (Postcode)M4 6BU (Postcode)M4 1LE (Postcode)M4 7EX (Postcode)M4 1LW (Postcode)M4 4DX (Postcode)M4 6BB (Postcode)M4 4BZ (Postcode)M4 1AH (Postcode)M4 6FY (Postcode)M4 6BR (Postcode)M4 6EF (Postcode)M4 7AS (Postcode)M4 4AZ (Postcode)M4 5AF (Postcode)M4 2EA (Postcode)M4 4HT (Postcode)M4 6BJ (Postcode)M4 6JL (Postcode)M4 1NB (Postcode)M4 6GB (Postcode)M4 4FS (Postcode)M4 1ED (Postcode)M4 4BR (Postcode)M4 1PR (Postcode)M4 1LS (Postcode)M4 1EG (Postcode)M4 4HZ (Postcode)M4 7DJ (Postcode)M4 6AL (Postcode)M4 4JR (Postcode)M4 5EG (Postcode)M4 1QF (Postcode)M4 7JP (Postcode)M4 4HF (Postcode)M4 7AA (Postcode)M4 5AW (Postcode)M4 4FW (Postcode)M4 4DN (Postcode)M4 5BF (Postcode)M4 1EW (Postcode)M4 5LB (Postcode)M4 4JQ (Postcode)M4 4AU (Postcode)M4 1EA (Postcode)M4 6BS (Postcode)M4 3AL (Postcode)M4 5DA (Postcode)M4 7BL (Postcode)M4 1DH (Postcode)M4 7AJ (Postcode)M4 6FX (Postcode)M4 5AB (Postcode)M4 5DY (Postcode)M4 4FH (Postcode)M4 7JD (Postcode)M4 5BW (Postcode)M4 1LU (Postcode)M4 5EY (Postcode)M4 5DQ (Postcode)M4 2BJ (Postcode)M4 5BU (Postcode)M4 5DZ (Postcode)M4 5EL (Postcode)A665 (Section Of Numbered Road)

what we know? crime scores, house price scores, job scores and more recent property sold prices top 10 types of resident top 10 recorded crimes top 10 most expensive areas top 10 cheapest areas top 10 safe areas top 10 unsafe areas top schools and colleges explore further

crime score for the M4 district 12 out of 100 (higher is better)

house price score for the M4 district 36 out of 100 (higher is more expensive)

jobs within 10 miles score for the M4 district 86 out of 100 (higher is better)

motorway junctions for the M4 district 51 located within a 10 mile radius

train stations for the M4 district 77 located within a 10 mile radius

public green area score for the M4 district 73 out of 100 (higher is better - areas within three miles)

primary schools score for the M4 district 20 out of 100 (higher is better - schools within one mile)

secondary schools score for the M4 district 12 out of 100 (higher is better - schools within one mile)

college a-level score for the M4 district 16 out of 100 (higher is better - colleges within one mile)

vocational college score for the M4 district 26 out of 100 (higher is better - colleges within one mile)

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Top 10 Recorded Crime Types

  1. Violence and sexual offences (1,623 recorded, uk average is 622)21.63%
  2. Anti-social behaviour (1,581 recorded, uk average is 775)21.07%
  3. Shoplifting (871 recorded, uk average is 174)11.61%
  4. Public order (699 recorded, uk average is 149)9.32%
  5. Other theft (645 recorded, uk average is 230)8.6%
  6. Vehicle crime (542 recorded, uk average is 199)7.22%
  7. Criminal damage and arson (415 recorded, uk average is 264)5.53%
  8. Theft from the person (388 recorded, uk average is 45)5.17%
  9. Burglary (267 recorded, uk average is 192)3.56%
  10. Bicycle theft (177 recorded, uk average is 46)2.36%

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